Worthy Life Award 2019 Update FAQ


Q. What Units are affected by this change?

              A. All three Trail Life USA units will have the Worthy Life Award updated:

Q. What changed?

              A. There are two main changes with this Worthy Life Award update.

  1. The structure of the requirements of the Worthy Life Award have been redone to where each Unit/Woodlands Patrol will have the same general structure.The requirements are now categorized under four main requirements:
  1. The second major change is that all other Faith-Building Activity options that are currently accepted by Trail Life USA will now be rolled into this new Worthy Life Award Structure.For example, an MCCS (Member of Church of Christ for Scouting) religious recognition award will now serve to complete the Devotional Activity and possibly some of the Discipline Activities; the Band of Brothers program will serve to complete the Discipleship Activity and possibly the Devotional Activity as well as some of the Discipline Activities.

Q. Why did this change happen?

              A. There are two main reasons for this change:

  1. The first reason is that Trail Life USA is constantly evaluating Strategic partnership opportunities with like-minded organizations.This change allows for the organization to expand its partnership opportunities without having to update the Award requirements with every new partnership.
  2. The second reason is similar in that it allows each Charter Organization and Troop to use its preferred Devotional materials and Discipleship structures in order to complete the Worthy Life Award and subsequently Rank and Award Advancement.

Q. How does this affect my Trailmen completing other Faith-Building Activities like MCCS (Member of Church of Christ for Scouting), Band of Brothers, Manhood Journey, or the NCCTL (National Catholic Committee for Trail Life) awards?

A. These previously accepted Faith-Building Activity options will now serve to complete one or possibly more of the four main elements of the new Worthy Life Award.  The Troop Chaplain and Trail Guides for each unit will review the materials and activities being used and done by their Trailmen to determine which of the new requirements will be counted as complete.

The patches for Manhood Journey and Band of Brothers can still be ordered if these are options that your Trailmen use in completing the new Worthy Life Award requirements.

Q. How does this affect Award and Rank Advancement?

A. After May 1, 2020, Trail Life USA will accept only the Worthy Life Award as the Faith-Building Activity for the Timberline Award, Ready Rank, and Freedom Award.

Q. What happens if my Trailmen are in the middle of, or just started, a different Faith-Building Activity option for their particular Award/Rank Advancement?

A. There will be a grandfathered policy for those Trailmen currently working on different Faith-Building Activities until May 1, 2020.

Q. Doesn’t this make Faith-Building within TLUSA more centralized?

A. No.  In keeping with the Core Value of Program Flexibility, the new requirements have been written in a manner that gives each Charter Organization and Troop the freedom to select the Faith curriculum tha they want to use with their Trailmen.  Their selected curriculum can include the previously approved Religious Recognitions from MCCS (Member of Church of Christ for Scouting), the Eastern Orthodox Church, or the NCCTL (National Catholic Committee for Trail Life) if your Troop desires.  Your Troop could also use Manhood Journey, Band of Brothers, or any other curriculum approved by your Charter Organization.