New Navigators & Adventurers Handbook


Q. What is different?

  1. The style and feel of this handbook is written in a way so that the reader will be drawn to turn the next page and continue reading without his train of thought being distracted by policy outlines and skill instructions.It is written to the boy to help him learn what Trail Life is, how he fits, what he will be experiencing, and why he will learn what he will learn.
  2. Full Trail Life USA Policies along with other helpful resources and instructions have been moved to an appendix at the end of the Handbook and referenced throughout the book.
  3. With the exception of the First Aid information, the skills instruction such as Woods Tools instructions, Knots/Lashings, etc. have been removed, expanded, and placed into the new Guides being released late Summer 2019.
  4. The First Aid section has had some updates and now includes a section on splinting and wrapping, including pictures.
  5. A new section at the end of the Handbook has been added, titled the Patrol Leader’s Guidebook.This section is designed to inspire and equip every Navigator and Adventurer Trailman to become a Patrol Leader.
  6. The Advancement tracking section for both the Navigators and Adventurers has been updated to include the new Worthy Life Award requirements.The Ready Rank and Freedom Award requirements have also been updated to reflect the new Worthy Life Award as the only Faith-Building Activity.
  7. All Required Trail Badges have had a new requirement added to them focusing on Christian Worldview for each topic.
  8. The cover has been given a fresh update including both Navigator and Adventurer Trailmen.


Q. What was the major reason for this update?

A. This update gives a more detailed look into the elements behind the Navigators and Adventurers programs, namely the Frontiers, Trail Badges, and Awards.  This version will help the Trailmen know why they are learning the things that they are learning.


Q. How do the new requirements on the Required Trail Badges affect Award and Rank Advancement?

A. After May 1, 2020, Trail Life USA will only accept the Trail Badges as complete using these new requirements.


Q. What happens if my Trailmen are in the middle of, or just started, a Trail Badge for their particular Award/Rank  Advancement using the old requirements?

A. There will be a grandfathered policy for those Trailmen currently working on Trail Badges until May 1, 2020.


Q. Are my Trailmen going to be required to purchase a new Handbook?

A. In short, no.  However, the older handbooks will have outdated requirements for the Trail Badges, Ranks, and Awards.  It would be beneficial for the Trailman, if possible, to acquire a new Handbook.


Q. Why is the Home Office making big changes that affect the Awards, Ranks, and Badges?

A. The Trail Life USA Board, Staff, and Volunteer Advisory Committees are constantly seeking ways to improve the program so that the Trail Life USA program best completes the mission of guiding generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure.


Q. Will Trailmen need to go back and complete the Christian Worldview requirements on the Trail Badges that they have already completed and received credit for?

A. No.  If a Trailman has already completed a Trail Badge, Rank, or Award that is affected by these new updates, he will retain the credit as completed.