Your Point Man is your resource for all things Trail Life USA!

Find contact information for your Point Man in TroopTrack under Communicate. Find My Point Man is on the drop-down list when you click Communicate.

Trail Life USA forum 

Search Trail Life USA Official Forum on Facebook for our members only private group to connect with other Trail Life USA members nearby and across the nation. 

One of our 15 Core Values is “Volunteer-Driven”. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Trail Life USA. Our support system, therefore, is delivered by trained, knowledgeable, qualified volunteers.

Here are the levels of Leader Support for Trail Life USA. Challenge yourself to find the resource you need before moving on to the next level!

  1. Yourself. Become educated on everything…then lead others who need help to the same information!
  2. Online resources. Read through the immense information available in TroopTrack inside the “Share” badge and on the Leader Pages. There is a Leader Forum accessed through a link on Leader Pages on TroopTrack, as well as the Trail Life USA Official Forum on Facebook for members loaded with real-time best practices from your peers nationwide! You can also access information at the Trail Life USA website including the FAQ.
  3. Other Leaders in your Troop. Ask other Leaders in your Troop who may know the answer.
  4. Other Leaders in nearby Troops. Find them on the Troop Locator located at the Trail Life USA website or attend your local Area monthly Trail Leaders’ gathering for ongoing leader training and information updates. If your Area has not started these monthly meetings yet, find your Point Man on the Point Man Locator—same graph as the Troop Locator—and work together to initiate a monthly Trail Leader gathering.
  5. Your Troop’s Direct Service Advisor (formerly called “Troop Commissioner”). One has been assigned to be your Troop’s helper—a Coach or Guide for your Leaders.
  6. Area Team specialist. Experienced volunteers who deal with questions on Advancement, Camping, Activities, Finances, Public Relations, and Community Service. These area Leaders are close enough to spend the needed time to work with you.
  7. Point Man. As your Area Team Chairman, he oversees the Leaders in steps 5 & 6. For now, if you do not know who the Direct Service Advisor or specific Area Team member you need is, your Point Man can connect you with them. Find your Point Man on TroopTrack under the Communicate badge or on the Point Man Locator.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  8. Regional Team Leader. Providing oversight, encouragement, and direction to Point Men, our six Team Leaders at this level are also volunteers. They are successful Point Men who are committed to helping further our mission and grow Trail Life USA.


If none of the resources listed in the steps above can provide the needed help (which is quite unlikely!), your Regional Team Leader will connect with the Home Office and get the information back to you right away.