Field Guide Release 2019 FAQ


Q. Who are these Guides written for?

A. These guides are written primarily for Navigator and Adventurer Trailmen as an accompaniment to their Handbook; however the content included is helpful to Adults as well.


Q. How many guides are being released?

A. Three:

  1. A first Aid Guide which is more exhaustive than the First Aid section of the Handbook.
  2. A Camping Guide which covers the basics needed to select, set up, and live in a campsite.
  3. An Outdoor Skills Guide which includes instructions on Knots, Lashings, Woods Tools, Water Skills, andCompass and Map.


Q. Why not include this information in the Trailman’s Handbook?

A. There was too much content to include all of it.  By creating three separate guides in smaller/foldable Trailmap style, it allows the Trailmen to carry these instructional documents into the field without lugging around a heavy book.  They also are quick resources in that they can easily be flipped through to find the information you need in the field quickly.


Q. How detailed are they in their content?

A. These guides and the content included are designed to give the Trailmen the basic information they need as they work through the majority of the required Trail Badges.  They are not, and were not, intended to be full, exhaustive Field Guides covering all possible outdoor topics.


Q. Are they sold separately or together?

A. Both.  They will be offered in the Trail Life USA store as individual purchases or as a set of four, including the three new Guides as well as the Shooting Sports Guidebook.