FAQ: The Trail Life USA Logo Gets a Facelift!




If you haven’t noticed yet, you will!

The Trail Life USA logo, after 5 years of faithful service has been refreshed. This isn’t a complete makeover. The new logo retains some of the more prevalent elements like the iconic Three Peaks and the popular Trailman.

Here are a few FAQs to let you know the reasoning and how it affects you:


Why the change?

It’s not unusual for organizations to take a look at their identifying elements every few years to make sure they still reflect the mission and work well in the applications where they are most used.

The ever-increasing reliance on digital communications led us to consider a simple, more easily scaled application of our logo. The new design lends itself to more flexible digital use, as it is more easily recognized, even in space as small as the corner of a smart phone screen.


Do I need to change everything we use as a Troop?

Absolutely not.

There are no plans to completely retire the classic (original) logo. The detailed imagery still speaks to the symbolism that reinforces the mission of Trail Life USA.

In fact, you’ll continue to see the classic logo on many store items and essential Trail Life offerings like our formal Troop uniform. Some items will even offer you a choice of logos.


What do you recommend we use on a local basis?

Use what you’d like!

We feel like the new design is best for digital use, so you may want to use it there. At the same time, there are plenty of times where the classic version just can’t be beat.

There are branding guides for both versions.

Where do I find the branding guides?

The branding guide for the classic logo is here. The branding guide for the new logo will be at the same link when released.


When can we start using the new logo on a local basis?

As soon as the branding guide is released. In there you’ll find a folder with different formats and detailed instructions on when and how to use each version.


What happened to the “USA”?

This was purely a design decision. We wanted as streamlined a logo as possible.

‘Trail Life USA’ is our corporate name and we are still Christ-centered and boy-focused here in the US of A.