2019 Program Updates


Worthy Life Award

The Worthy Life Award has been redone to now be the only offering of a Faith-Building Award that Trail Life will accept for Timberline Award, Ready Rank, and Freedom Award.

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New Field Guides Created

Trail Life USA has created three brand new Guidebooks: First Aid Guide, Camping Guide, and Outdoor Skills Guide.  These guides were created by the Outdoor Programs NAC Committee to be a companion to the Navigators and Adventurers Handbook.  They are NOT exhaustive or teach every skill, but rather they teach the basic skills needed for the completion of the 18 Required Trail Badges.  They include skills that the current Handbook does not have.

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New Navigators/Adventurers Handbook

This Handbook has been dramatically updated.  The following list briefly explains the major changes to this Handbook.

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Navigators/Adventurers Leader Guide Update

This Leader’s Guide reprint includes slight textual changes and a new Cover.

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Woodlands Trail Leader’s Guide Printed

The Woodlands Trail Leader’s Guide is currently being updated in its digital form and will be working through the process of being printed for the first time.  We are shooting for having this Leader’s Guide ready close to the beginning of the next Program Year.

For frequently asked questions, click here:  https://jointhetrail.com/leaderguidesupdates


Program Grandfather Policy

For the major programmatic changes that are being released in 2019, the Home Office is instituting a Grandfather Policy that will end on May 1, 2020.  After this date, the Trail Life USA Home Office will only accept Required Trail Badges using the newly updated requirements as well as the Worthy Life Award as the only Faith-Building Activity for the various Ranks and Awards.

If a Trailman is currently working on any Required Trail Badge or other Faith-Building Activity, he will have until May 1, 2020 to complete his work using the older requirements.  However, Trailmen who have not begun work on Required Trail Badges or a Faith Building Activity should begin using the new requirements.